Planning family meals

Family meals are the ideal time when all the members of the family can reconnect and recount the happenings of the day. Everybody from psychologists to social scientists is of the view that family meals have a positive effect on the children and help in their healthy mental makeup. Nowadays most families lead an extremely busy life. Parents in general do not have much quality time to spend with their children given the demands of their job. In such a scenario family meals is the ideal timing for bonding both between husband and wife as well as with the children. It is that time of day when members can share their views and experiences besides having meals together. According to the latest researches family meals are more nutritious; it inculcates healthy eating habit in kids and also keeps them away from drugs and alcohol. Overall family meals promote both healthy eating and healthy lifestyle. This is how you can plan successful family meals.


Find time

It is difficult to find the time when all the family members will be able to have meal together. So it is necessary that the family meals are planned well in advanced. Find out when all the members can be brought together on the table and then start planning how to make it a real success. Consult a calendar and the mark the D-day. It is important to understand the roadblocks which may be making it difficult for all the members to be at the table at the given date and time. Once the problems are identified which can be anything from busy schedules, dwindling food stock, insufficient time for cooking, etc. there is little to hamper the success of the family meals. Members themselves need to figure out ways to remove the hindrances and everybody should do the needful.  If cooking time is the problem then try and prepare the dishes well in advance which can then be kept inside the freezer. The preparation of the meal can also be turned into a time for bondingwhere everybody can do the needful. Involve kids in the preparation of the family meals and also later when the meal is being served. They can easily help with the placing of the dishes and cutlery.

Enjoy mealtime

Do not let anything to disrupt the joyous and the festive mood that the family meal invariably brings. Do not consider the preparation of the meal and the serving as a chore but something which is thoroughly enjoyable. Being pleasant and upbeat regarding meal time spills on to other family members as well and the work gets done in a jovial environment which ensures success. Once the meal start concentrate on the table and what is going on there. Do not focus on work, or things to be done once the meal is over concentrate instead on what is going on at the table and what the family members are discussing. Take part and listen, kids have so much going on in their lives and family meals is the time to know about it.


How to Make Family Meals Delicious and Healthy?

If you want that your entire family shall be healthy then you must have healthy family meals. As we all know that food is the most basic need for all living creatures. Daily family meals should have to be delicious and healthy too.

Family Meals

There is a variety of meals in the world from which you can choose various types of meals for your family.

Importance of food in life:

  • It is the basic need of everyone’s life
  • It makes and maintains body tissues which is very important for your growth
  • It keeps you physically and mentally fit and strong
  • It provide you the energy to your daily works

Advantage of having Family Meals:

  • When family meals are shared by any family the meals are very nutritious which helps your entire family to be healthy
  • Kids who have their meals with family are less probably eat snacks or junk food or other unhealthy food
  • When you eat with your kids then they will surely understand that how to use forks, spoons etc perfectly, this will also enhance manners in the kids
  • A planned family meal offers you fruits, fresh vegetables, grains etc which is very important for any human being to live
  • It is seen that children having their meals with family have less habit to smoke or taking other drugs which are harmful for them.
  • The family meals not only offers healthy and delicious food but these meals also connect the whole family

There are basically three main steps to make family meals:

  • Plan the family meals:

The planning phase is to know all about your family’s likes, dislike and the time schedule so that everyone from the family can be present at the time of meal. You should also plan meals to be cooked with respect to the calendar.

  • Prepare the meal:

Once the planning of family meals is completed then there is the time to prepare the food for family. In preparation you should try that your kids join you. Always try to have fresh vegetables, nutritious grains in your family meals as it will make the food as healthy as possible.

  • Enjoy the Family Meals:

At dining table not just concentrate on the food but also try to enjoy your family meals with your family. Talk with your family and share thoughts among them. A family meal will be the best way for making your family relations stronger.

When you plan to have family meals then try to add all nutritious things which may have vitamin, protein, fat etc in it. Make food which will be interesting for everyone in the family. Try to avoid heavy use of oils, or things which can create problems for your healthy diet. Try to avoid TV while having family meal. A family meal also allows you to teach your children about your culture to civilize them. So just go ahead and have great family meals with your family.